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In 1947 Mies van der Rohe offered “less is more” as a precept for Minimalist design and architecture. Unfortunately, today it seems that many construction organizations apply that same rationale to client services. In contrast, at LB Philips, we believe that “more is more” when it comes to service. More: It’s what our clients deserve and can always expect from us.

More Client Service

It’s simple really. We are committed to total service excellence. At every stage and through every construction activity, from initial bidding to project management and build out, LB Philips’ focus is on providing the unmatched scope and quality of services that will ensure the greatest efficiencies, timeliness, safety and cost control possible.

More On-Time Delivery

Perhaps more than ever before, time is indeed money and a key ingredient in the success of any project. Thus, meeting scheduling needs and expectations is at the very core of our “expect more” approach to client service. We are committed to promptly resolving issues, maintaining open lines of communication and managing construction processes with the thoroughness that matches our drive to deliver each project on time, on spec and on budget.

More Client Collaboration

We are a business of collaboration and relationships. At every step of every project we interact with members of your entire team, including architects, designers, engineers, materials suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and, of course, your internal staff. Our track record shows that with more collaboration come more planning accuracy, sustainability, time and cost-saving opportunities and alternatives.


We are in it together. We will work our hardest to ensure that pre-construction planning is in place to ensure a smooth start to every project. Our experts will offer solutions and implement best practices to mitigate risks, optimize scheduling efficiencies and control costs every step of the way.


We excel at every phase of project development and execution, from overseeing the bidding to actual construction. Throughout the complex process our goals remain squarely on building value, eliminating scheduling missteps, effectively meeting myriad project management responsibilities, and maintaining strict budget control.


Individualized, value-added consultant services are available to support clients that require assistance with a wide range of construction-related activities and issues. Budget formulation, independent budget verification and auditing,; estimating, sustainability practices and policies, design analysis, logistics, and safety compliance are just some of the areas that our team of experts are able to address on a consulting basis.


From initial design to complete construction management and implementation, our experience includes projects from virtually every industry sector, of every form, size and scope.


Our diverse clients are a who’s who of global corporations, major health-care and educational centers, financial institutions, hotels, retailers and a host of other leading organizations, large and small, nationwide.